What People Say !

From our very first meeting I was made to feel comfortable and soon realised the call I made to Nikki was the best decision I had made in a very long time. Her frank, honest and friendly demeanour soon had me in a much improved place, which I will be eternally grateful to her for.


Personable and highly professional, gives excellent strategies for dealing with a wide variety of complex problems. Wish I had done this years ago! Wouldn't hesitate to recommend.


Thanks Nikki, I am in a much better place now


I am all good now and it is all thanks to you


I have suffered depression for twenty years and have seen many counsellors but you are the first that has helped me to crystalise things. I will always remember that the little things are worth doing.


I use evidence in my line of work all the time and never considered applying it to my personal life before. Thanks.


You make me think I can do anything! 


I am starting to think differently about food and eating now. I know I am getting better because I even tell my friends how their eating habits are affecting their bodies and their thinking, and they are like ‘eeew’. 


I didn’t think it would work (desensitisation strategy) because he would get so distressed but it did. He is much more content now and I don’t have to pick him up constantly.


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